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About Us


I was born and raised in New York. My father was a New York City firefighter. I believe I got my energy and drive, as well as my sense of humor, from him. I started working in the construction field at an early age. From working with an Italian stone mason to framing and eventually specializing in trim carpentry, with a love for fine wood finishes and architectural millwork.

I am a problem solver and like to get the job done.

I have lived most of my adult life in the western US and still enjoy the beauty and climate there. However, my favorite hobbies include boating, fishing, and diving, as well as eating my wife’s Italian cooking. Our love for the ocean has brought us to the Bahamas, where we reside part of the year.

As a husband-and-wife team we have over 30 years collective experience in the industry. Having lived in both the Eastern and Western US, as well as the Bahamas, we have worked with many styles and dealt with the various building requirements of each particular area.

In my roles as a general contractor, developer, flipper, and designer, I have worked on more than 800 construction and renovation projects in various parts of the country, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and The Bahamas.

These projects include high end custom and spec homes as well as more modest homes; numerous kitchen and bathroom remodels; and many flipping projects.

All of this experience has given us the ability to troubleshoot and understand what is necessary to avoid the pitfalls associated with building and renovation. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals for a beautiful, functional home you love to live in while making the process as pain free as possible.


I have lived in various locations of the US and The Bahamas, which has given me the opportunity to see many different styles of home design and how we really live in these various locale’s. I love many styles and can help you incorporate your favorites.

Besides my years of industry experience I am a Mom, avid cook and entertainer, and a bit design obsessed. I’ve spent countless hours in the kitchen and know what works and what doesn’t. The function of bathrooms, storage, and the rest of the home is equally important.

As an artist with an eye for color, my goal is to eliminate the mystery and indecision that color choice and coordination can bring and give you a cohesive and beautiful home environment.

I truly want people to have a home that feels exactly as they had hoped.

What Makes Us Unique

As a husband-and-wife team we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Having lived in both the East Coast and Western US, and the Bahamas, has provided us with the opportunity to actually live the lifestyles each location has to offer, as well as understand the different building requirements. Completing over 800 projects around the country, we have worked with many styles and addressed all kinds of issues.

Our projects include high end new builds, large and smaller scale remodels, more modest homes, as well as many flips. We’ve seen it all. Troubleshooting, problem solving, and the ability to anticipate the pitfalls associated with building and renovations, saves time, stress, and money.

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